This is my Life! Full of movement and always changing. Here you will find everything about me from choreography I am currently working on, past projects, dancers I am working with and how to get in touch.

Heather Brown, the creator of Heather Brown Dance, trained first with Boston Ballet and then with Ballet Theatre of Boston performing as a member of Youth Works. Through college, she was able to continue her study of ballet with Rockford Dance Company of Illinois. She also started to expand her movement vocabulary by becoming a member of Chelonia, a modern dance company of Beloit. She has performed in a broad range of classical and contemporary works including Nutcracker, Cinderella, and Wreath of Memories. In 2013 she decided to rededicate her life to teaching and creating dance. Her most recent choreography, Just Breathe, was performed as part of The Dance Complex Tiny and Short series and mentioned in a review here. She has most recently appeared with Freedom Dances in Complacency Will Kill You (Contentment Is A Choice)” as part of NACHMO Boston 2017 and TINY Skirmish as part of The Dance Complex Tiny and Short series. Both pieces were choreographed by Nicole LaLiberte.

I hope to create a company of dancers who are able to perform throughout the Boston and surrounding areas on a regular basis as well as set work as a choreographer across the country. Every dream must start somewhere… here is my beginning.